The Dondolo
The Dondolo
The Dondolo
The Dondolo

The Dondolo

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MAKERS: Franco Bettonica 

WHEN: 1964

WHERE: Italy 

DESCRIPTION: When I first stumbled across this circular beauty in the Kapiti coast, I had no idea what it was, but I knew I needed it in my life.

This is a genuine Dondolo Rocker, it is claimed to be one of the rarest cane chairs on the planet, created in 1964 by Franco Bettonica, it stems from Italian wartime machinery given to civilians to produce furniture in a shitty economy, the space race was on, and this circular mix of industrial earth was born.

One Care Lady Owner - Received this as a gift from her parents for her 21st birthday, and then raised and breastfed 3 children while rocking in it.

Resonating with her story, I tried to convince her to keep it.

But she sternly insisted 

“I’m at the stage of my life, where I’m learning to let go of things.”


DIMENSIONS: Diam 130cm W 55cm