We are always looking out for cool things! DON’T LET IT FILL LAND! 

Everybody is different... Ones trash, Others treasure.

if you are a scrap yard, demolition company, liquidator, closing your business, have an estate, have/just know of something we might like! We want to hear from you!

we offer a helpful, respectful, non pushy salvage service, where even if it’s not for us, we can guide you on finding the right home for your trash/treasure, we can also give you an open/honest idea on what your salvage is worth.


Cinema, theatre, street lights, industrial, medical, dental, barns, signage, light boxes, orchards, schools, engineering, lights, French, Italian, benches, chairs, Russian, vintage, farmhouse, glass, supermarket, takeaway, sideboards, mid century, shelving, crates, cases, cane, wicker, Maori (but we will never on sell taonga) Toys, 1940 - 1990, art, art glass, pottery, cars, clocks, coffee, coke, lamps, folding chairs, stacking chairs, photography, architecture, designer, outdoor furniture, iron, rust, NZ MADE

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