Plastic Maori (Pink)

Plastic Maori (Pink)

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Size: A2 Print (signed) 

All profit from this print will be donated to a cyclone relief fund.

Please allow 2/3 weeks for printing and shipping (free) from the time of your order 

The Story: 

While fun, playful and joyous at surface level, Plastic Maori carries deep rooted identity politics, highlighting a culture war within itself, and within oneself.

Shame shadows our very culture, I’m sick of trying to explain to myself why I am Maori.

“Maybe if I learn Te Reo I’ll feel more Maori”

“I should visit the Marae more, I’ll feel more Maori”

A deeper truth is, I am scared of my own culture, and I believe you are too.

Privilege swallows the right to feel Maori, where it should empower it.

Connection to culture, be it blood, language, immersion.... is best served and celebrated anyway you choose how.

Plastic Maori Celebrates this, it doesn’t need to explain itself, it simply is what it is, and it definitely won’t apologise.

Edward X (Maori Artist)