Orchard Signs
Orchard Signs
Orchard Signs

Orchard Signs

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MAKERS: Unknown 

WHEN: 1970’s 

WHERE: The Marlborough Sounds 

DESCRIPTION: Once you start salvaging..... it’s very very hard to stop. We noticed these southern belles stacked in the background of a fridge for sale advertisement, never mind the fisher and paykel. “Would you consider selling your amazing fruit signs?” 

letting me down easy with a reply of “sorry we are selling up and these are to stay with the orchard but thanks for the offer”

Two hours later...

”So I told hubby about your generous offer, and now they are yours”

a big freight bill followed by a long anxious wait, they finally turned up. BEAUTIFUL

a quick polish and now here we are!

These would look amazing as your kitchen splash back or a decorative piece to individualise your space into a storytelling spectacle! 

DIMENSIONS: W 14cm L 76cm T 2cm