Farmhouse Rocker in Ashley Style
Farmhouse Rocker in Ashley Style
Farmhouse Rocker in Ashley Style

Farmhouse Rocker in Ashley Style

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MAKERS: Indonesian

WHEN: 1990

WHERE: Indonesia

DESCRIPTION: This young Rocker started life as a boring, lifeless, an orangey/brown not-quite-right cheapish indonesian piece, 

I got laughed at by my neighbor/friend when I bought it home from a hoard in Tawa... 

I have a big soft spot for home girl Laura Ashley...... She took risks and made country style braver, and while chalk paint/shabby chic is now bigger than ever, a lot of people turn their nose up.

I love all styles, for lots of different reasons.... And that keeps furniture fun.

this lush light minty rocker has had some character carved and beaten into it, a few new coats, then beaten again....  she looks 100 years old now and is ready to add character to your farmhouse, cottage, fireplace, or a gorg gender neutral maternity chair.

Ohhhh... and neighbour/friend mentioned buying it the other day... He must secretly love Laura too.... Don't we all though.

DIMENSIONS: H 101.5cm W 63cm D (seat) 51cm (leg span) 90cm